How to check availability for queue darsan

Sabarimala online queue booking is being  offered by Kerala Police for the purpose of crowd management at Sabarimala. You are not required to make any payment in this connection.

Pilgrims have to report 180 minutes before the selected slot @ Nilakkal


  • Registration is mandatory with valid email id and Mobile phone number for availing sabarimala online services
  • This facility is provided by Kerala Police as a part of Crowd Management which in turn saves precious time of the Pilgrims.
  • The print out generated after registration (Q-Coupon) and Identity Card used for registration must be brought while coming for Darshan.
  • The print out (Q-Coupon) and ID card are to be produced for verification by Police officials.
  • Children aged below 15 do not require identity card but photograph is essential.
  • The scanned passport size photograph must be in jpg / jpeg and size below 30 KB.
  • Females aged between 10 to 50 are not allowed to perform pilgrimage at Sabarimala.
  • Ensure that JavaScript and cookies of the browser should be enabled before booking.
  • Mozilla fire fox and chrome browsers are recommended.
  • Disable Pop-Up Blocker of the browser.

Important Instructions to be followed in Queue Placement Coupon Booking.

This facility is limited, to devotees who are coming to Sabarimala with Irumudikettu.

  • If the web page is idle for more than 3 minutes the link will get disconnected.
  • Before you start to register, please ensure that all the items mentioned below are available in your hand.

    1) Identity Card.
    2) Scanned passport size photo having size less than 30 KB in JPG or JPEG format

  • Do not use Refresh and Back button of the browser it will generate error.

Sabarimala Q-Booking link.

Please note : We are providing the link only to help our devotees and we are not at all connected with any queue booking and related queries.

Click here for Q-Booking



  • Want to visit for Darshan this week.

    • plse clearly which time open q quopon booking server. plse we want clarity booking month and time. i want december month booking time. plse swami ye saranam ayyappa

  • Swami Saranam,

    I am Unable to book . Please let us know if i can carry the print of this conversation for 2012 season. when we trying to open the below link
    but it showing,
    “It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.”

    Please help.

    • bookings start on october 1st week.


    Please let me know the date of opening of Q-Placement Coupon.

    • plrase let me opening q.plecement coupon thanks

  • swamiye saranam iyyappa
    kindly i know when the online queue booking will start

  • how to book online q line

    when q line book start this year ……


      • Hi,
        Its almost mid of the october but still i cant book the coupon, while i press the date (month like to visit ) tab there is no calender is displaying Advice me in this

    • hi,

      we also waiting for q booking if yoyr are getting any news kindly let me know. as well as same we will let you know Iyrske

  • Sir, Please let me know the date of opening of Q-Placement Coupon.

  • Swamiye Saranam Ayyapa!

    Could you please share the opening date of online Queue Bookings.
    Because we are are planing for 3rd week of December’13.

    Swamiye saranam ayyapa….

  • hello when did the booking will open

  • Swami Saranam,
    Please let us know when the booking will start for 2012 season. when we trying to open the below link
    but it showing,
    “It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.”

    Please help.

    • This has not started so far. will be intimated.

  • swami saranam i am planing december 1st when will open q booking pls replay the mail.

  • when q booking begins ?
    as i am going sabarimala this month, is it required to book q booking ?
    if so pls informe me…………

  • Swayee Saranam Iyyappa,

    ABASS Branch 414

    Please inform when will be open booking of Q darsan. we are planned on 2nd January 2013.

    Please informed to reply mail. waiting for your starting date for Q darsan .

    yours faithfuly,

    • Swami,

      Online bookings are not available now. the starting date will be informed through the website. tx

  • please give me queue booking tickets in december 23rd. our team is 25 members. please issue the tickets

  • iam coming in sabarimalai in december 23rd. please give queue booking tickets in our 25 member team. please issue.

  • i want online booking for darshan in november-12.

  • on 31 May 2012

  • samiyesaranam ayyappa..


  • swamy saranam
    this is a very good option to control crowd at one time in sannidhanam
    thanks to kerala polce officers and devaswom board

  • i am coming on sabarimala 14.04.12.

    Can i get Nirmalaya dharsan coupon.

    • How to book the room in sabarimala

      • 16.9.12 evening we want 2 rooms in sabari mala

  • Swamy Saram Ayyppa

  • Jai Swamy Saranam Ayappa!!!

  • I know that is good place. Jun 15 I have plan to go.

  • how to book for 5 adults and 2 kids for April 16 morning?

  • Hi , Not able to register the q booking – not working
    what is the reason behind this………….if any one know the details ………kindly inform to me……………

    because next week we are going to meet Ayyappa.

  • Swamy Saranam

    Please arrange me an online ticket for darshan on 14/02/2012 between 10am and 12.30pm.

  • Samy Saranam Sir,

    I want to come to sabarimala on next month i want to know is there is Q- Booking for Dharasan.
    I want to Participate in Ashtabhishekam wheather there is any way to pay the amount advance by this end of this month.

    Please give necessary instruction which will be more helpful foe me to get Dharsan.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Samy Saranam.

    • No online Queue system during off-seasons like feb

    • when you are coming .. noneed to q booking and all .. room also free on those days 13 to 18th ..
      am also come there.. on 14th ..if any doubt call me 9489120473

  • I want availability of dharsan on 13th jan2012 at 7 pm for eight person.

  • I need dharsan 8 person on 13 th jan. 7 pm.

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