Cumbum-Kumuli – Jungle road opened

In order to facilitate pilgrims reach Sabarimala through a short cut, Kerala Forest Department has opened a jungle track passing through Kumuli Pullumedu.

 Officials said the jungle track along Periyar Tiger Reserve and Pullumedu from Kumuli, opened on Saturday, would cut down the distance to Sabarimala by nearly 100 km compared to the normal route.

A large number of devotees from Tamil Nadu, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, and other states normally proceed to Sabarimala through the Cumbum-Kumuli road.



  • I mean you are talking about the path between the Erumeli & Pamba, right Ganesh ?

    If you are asking this question then the answer is No. It’s highly risky & very dangerous to trek during normal time. Even during january period when it is opened, Ayyappan swamy’s prefer to go in groups only & not single. Neither in day or night time you should make such an attempt in normal days.

    Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa..

  • This path is existing during makram time every year. Will this path be available other months

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