More time for Darsan

Sabarimala Temple will be kept open for more time for darsan during the Mandalakalam 2011-2012 for the convenience of lakshs of Sabarimala pilgrims.

Talking to newsmen at Sannidhanam Devaswom Guest House on Tuesday, Rajagopalan Nair,Devaswom President said that the temple would be opened at 3 am instead of 4 am during the last pilgrimage season and would remain open till 1 p m. In the afternoon, the temple would be reopened at 2.30 p m and the Sreekovil would be closed at 11.45 p m.

Rajagopalan Nair said that the TDB could be able to take effective steps to reduce exploitation of pilgrims by not auctioning the shops selling plastic toys, steel containers, hotels at Sannidhanam and Nadapandal. Barring shops selling soft drinks and fruits and one hotel on the trekking path between Pampa and Nadapandal, the TDB had not given licence to any other business establishments, he said.

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