Experience at Sabarimala pilgrim center

Tomorrow, 17th Nov 2010 is the first day of malayalam month VRISCHIKAM. The sanctum sanctorum of Sabarimala temple is opened today and the new Melsanthi is assigned the holy duties for this season. The rituals commence all over the South India tomorrow.

The next 45 days and even more, in few cases, ie till Jan 15, 2011,the atmosphere in entire State and even neighbouring States is agog with Saranam Vili and holy dips in the early morning. The gents keep away from non vegetarian foods, hot drinks and maintain distance with their spouces and murmur Swami name more frequently. This is something UNIQUE and there is no comparison elsewhere.

Every year, the crowd at Sabarimala is increasing manifold and it becomes difficult for the managing committees to control the crowd. Pilgrims coming from far off places in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are forced to wait for 6 to 8 hours during the peak days to have the Swami Darsan.

I am visiting this Pilgrim Centre since 1988 and I have had my numerous experiences in my life due to the Swami darsan. I was leading a bachelor life in Bangalore as my wife – a central tovt employee – was transferred to Kerala.
I joined a team from Bangalore to have the Swami Darsan in 1988 and just at the front of sanctum sanctorum, before the diety, I prayed from the core of my heart and sought Swami’s blessings for either a suitable placement in Kerala for me or for a transfer in my employment to its Cochin office. This was in December 88. By Jan 89, papers moved by some unknown force in Management and swapping the positions with another chap, a vacancy cropped in Cochin. I did face lot of difficulties in managing to grab the opportunity. I had to learn Commerce as the vacancy was of Accounts Officer whereas I was an Administrative Officer in Bangalore. Candle lights were lit at nights to learn as I had to compete with Post Graduates in Commerce who were also aspirants. With swamy’s blessings – ONLY DUE TO HIM – I could join my family in 89.. Since then, it has been my practice every year to observe the rituals and reach before the Swami with my two sons. Still I am a devotee.

Lot of experiences of this nature would be thrown open through these columns in days to come.


Sreekumar Nair

Source : spiderkerala.net

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