Lost ayyappas were rescued

The team of Ayyappans who were lost the way in the midst of the jungle was rescued by the Police and Devaswom Board Officials. The team under the leadership of Nataraja Swami (61) lost their way at Sabaripeedom. Some of the members in the team have got some minor causality as the team met with a group of wild elephants while searching for a way out.

They were later brought to the Sannidhanam Hospital, after medication they were allowed to ascend the holy steps.

The Police suspects that the team might have taken the easy byway in the jungle so as to avoid standing in the queue.




  • the services of the police and devoswam officials is very good because those peoples are saved by ayyappa thru the above persons. once again i thank ful
    to all the departments of sabarimala .

  • Sami saranam,

    Kindly be very alert and there is no need to rush .Ayyapan darisanam will surely bless.Pls stay safe and no shortcuts to worship GOD.

  • Dear Ayyappa Devotees,Please follow dewasom board instruction for safer swami dharshan.

    Swami Saranam.

  • Dear Ayyappa devotees,Please follow the police instruction for a safer ayyappa darshan.

    Swami Saranam.

  • decamber 25,2011 6.30pm

  • decamber 26,2011 6.30pm

  • decamber 25,2011

  • Swami Saranam!!!

    Dear Ayyappa devotees, please follow the right way. It may take more time but that is safe. kindly co-operate with Police team and other officials by following the proper way and regulations. So that only we will enjoy the fulfillness of our pilgrimage.

    Swami Saranam!!!

    • Absolutely right karthick.. I’ve seen people are rushing like mad, quarelling each other during heavy rush etc. etc. forgetting about the vrutha’s they have taken and the aim behind that… Respect each others especially swamis, show patience etc will really add values to the darsan !! Swami Saranam

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