Makaravilakku rituals

Sudhikriyas during the time of Makaravilakku festival will begin from January 13, the Prasadsudhikriya will be held on that day evening and Bimbasudhikriya will take place on January 14, afternoon.

Makarasamkrama pooja will be on 12.59 PM and Makaravillaku will be on January 15, the thiruvabharana clad deeparadhana will be on the same day evening 6.30. The light procession of Malikappuram devi will soon take place after the athazha pooja and the procession will happen at 10 PMĀ  every day till January 19.

Viseshaal Kalabham will be on 19th. Guruthi will take place on 20th after nada closes and the darsan for the devotees to this season at Sabarimala will be closed soon after. The Makaravillakku festival will end when the representative from Pandalam dynasty soon descend the holy hills after the Nirmalyadarsan on 21st morning 5.30.