More than 10 to 15 hours for darsan now

The hillshrine of Sabarimala is witnessing huge rush prompting the authorities to strictly regulate the flow of devotees and vehicles after one pilgrim was killed and few others injured in a minor stampede yesterday.

A 67-year-old devotee, identified as Narayanaswamy from Manjunath village Andhra Pradesh, died in a hospital last evening after he got shuffled around in the melee caused breaking of the rope used to block the onrush of devotees at the base camp Pampa.

As thousands continued to pour in at the base camp at Pampa, devotees are allowed to go up only in regulated batches to avoid over-crowding atop the hill where the shrine of Lord Ayyappa is located. According to police sources, the movement of vehicles were being regulated from Vadasserikkara, about 50 km from Pampa, as all modes of transport continued to arrive carrying pilgrims,mostly from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Additional forces had been deployed to manage the crowd and vehicle flow, which are expected to increase further in the coming days before the pilgrimage scales to its finale on the Makar Samkranthi on January 14. “The pilgrim flow in the last three days have been quite unprecedented. The pilgrims had to wait 10 to 15 hours to get darshan by going through the holy eighteen steps of the shrine”, a temple official told PTI.

Besides police, security and disaster management forces, voluntary outfits like Akhil Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham have been stepped in to help the pilgrims by keeping up supply of drinking water and snacks.



  • I came blame only the kerala government irresponsible for the vitcum happen yesteday. When ther are 2 to 3 lakhs of devotees the government should ensure proper security rather than placing 2 or 3 policement. It should be taken as humble request to kerala government to place proper security and doctors on spots loke kumli ect or else order for for police from quards and make proper security. Giving the money i donot think so it will be equal to life . At leat for thousnad devotees you should place at least 250 to 400 police force so that devotees will be in safe and we donoot blame the keral government

    • I need proper answer from the keral government for why there are not enough policemen in kumli. Due Sabarimala is located in Kerala district its the kerela governemnt to ensure proper facility and security for each one of the devotee.

  • In my opinion, Temple adminstration should act for the people who are coming for darshan. Facilities should be improved by making sure high level sanity level is maintained. Also, crowd management by the police is not sensible and the Devaswom Board should keep plans ahead of time to manage crowd and at the same time not cause inconvenience to the devotees.

  • My personal opinion is to increase the duration of pilgirmage season, either extend to 1 or 2 months or should be open throughout the year like palani and tirupathi !!! This gives opportunity to every devotees to get darsan without crowding much…

  • It is my request to the management of Sabari temple should arrange the ramps to allow the single devotee upto sanidhanam, easy to reach and to avoid the over-crowding / incovinence to devotees, management should think and take the proper arrangments, because every year increase the devotees.

    Ramdos – Hyderabad

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