Ram Charan’s 7th Ayyappa Deeksha

Ram Charan went to Sabarimala for releiving from Ayyappa Deeksha. He took the blessings of Ayyappa and then after Mala Viramana, he spoke at length sharing his past experiences in Deeksha time. Ramcharan said “This is my seventh time of taking Ayyappa Deeksha. What I learnt from Deeksha is Money and Luxury are not important in lie. One should be obedient and sincere to God. That is the way to find peace and a peace of mind. Ayyappa Deeksha will offer us a peaceful mind. I can still remember my Yatra in the peaceful weather. My advise for youth and businessmen is to follow this deeksha that brings peace of mind and also give us balance and strength to achive our Goals. Lord Ayyappa and Deeksha saved me from accident during Goa shooting schedule of Racha.”



  • Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa

  • Swameye Saram Ayyappa!!!!! we are 5 swameye planned to go through Periya paathai… and planned to start by Jan 3rd…. I heard like there is no shops on the way for food and accomedation for night resting place and all… Please any one update on this… shall we go through periya paathai…. 3 out of them “Kanniya Samy” and very much like to go thug Periya paathai…. Swameye Saram Ayyappa!!!!!


  • This is my 5th time iam taking deeksha. i waked 2 time erimely to pampa .while walking i had such a great experience. really lord ayyapa is their .
    swamy a saram ayyapa

  • Swami Saranam, I have taken Lord Ayyappa Deeksha since when i was 9 years old and this is my 18th time taking lord ayyappa deeksha, every year prosperity in my health, finance has improved a lot. Last year I got appointed as civilian soldier in AIR FORCE (Govt. Job) and i am very much satisfied. this is all because Lord Ayyappa has blessed me. I pray to God Ayyappa that Lord Ayyappa should permit me to take Lord Ayyappa Deeksha every year.

    Swami Saranam Swami Saranam Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

  • Swami Saranam, When i was 9 years old, I couldn’t speak properly, and was suffering from chest pain, My cousin Mr. Prithviraj who is Guru swamy has guided me to do Lord Ayyappa Deeksha, From that time my health has improved, I started speaking normally now i have been to sabrimala for 21 years now, i got a good job and I am leading my life with prosperity.

    Swami Saranam Swami Saranam Swamiye saranam Ayyappa

  • Swami Saranam, I am doing Lord Ayyappa Deeksha since 2003, When I become kanya swami, my guru swamy who is also my cousin has not guided me properly to do ayyappa deeksha, due to which i had some financial loss, health loss and i was frustrated. But the second time when my friend Mr. Arjun who is also guru swamy met me, he guided me properly how to do deeksha, what are the things to be followed from that time onwards every year prosperity in my life had begun, my brothers got settled in good jobs, i got a good job, i didn’t had health problems, my life was changed. This is my ninth year I have taken Lord Ayyappa Deeksha and I pray to GOD Ayyappa that every year Lord Ayyappa should permit me to take Ayyappa Deeksha.
    Swami Saranam Swami Saranam Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

  • since i am a tamilian, i have not seen ur movies, but by the words spoken by you, u are really a humble person, and the prasadam given by you by your true words is absoultely true in all respects. may lord bless you with more energy and spirit.

  • super

  • swami saranam may ayappa gives u blesses u ram regards
    hari kiran

    Youth has to follow this deeksha. It brings peace of mind and also give us balance and strength.


  • Dear Ramcharan,
    Really good message for everybody.What you
    have said is very very true.when you came sabarimala on 18th october
    evening ,i have seen you in sannidanam ,even i got very good darshan that
    time.May swami bless you.Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!

  • Nice message for all people Ram Charan thanks a lot may god bless you.

  • Ram thanx to express ur experience…
    ayyappa bless u ram…
    saranam ayyappa…

  • Ram,

    Good Massage Ram….

    Every body take deeksha but cant express about the How they feel in Deksha Because there are No words only peace that`s it.

  • nice massage ram…..

  • Dear RamCharan,

    Your message is awesome. In younger age, you are conveying great inspirational message to all. I think you are creating great positive impression on the cinema actors like your father. keep it up. all the best.

    I saw the ayyappa mahatyam(Saratbabu) movie few weeks ago.
    In USA, people are eating beef leaving the hindu values.
    Swamy Deeksha will do prakshalanam from the sins (cleaning themselves).

    Thanks and Regards,

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