Restrictions for pilgrims on Makaravilakku day

As a part of the crowd management measures, restrictions will be in place in the movement of pilgrims to Sabarimala on Makaravilakku day on January 15.

The  flow of pilgrims would not be allowed beyond Pampa from January 14 midnight to January 15 midnight to prevent overcrowding stampede-like situation at Sabarimala and surrounding areas on the Makaravilakku day on January 15.

The Fire Force personnel would initiate measures to prevent indiscriminate storage and unauthorised storage of LPG to prevent any possible mishaps.

Also  as a part of the crowd management, pilgrim vehicles would not be allowed beyond Nilackal after January 14 midnight till January 16 noon. The measure would be taken to prevent traffic bottlenecks between Pampa and Nilackal on the night of the Makaravilakku day.


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  • this website is very useful to all the pilgrims and follows the rules and regulations of the kerala police and get more benifits to done the darsan freely and return the home safety.

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