Stale food seized in Sabarimala

The food inspection sqad seized stale and half cooled food for devotees  from two hotels functioning at Pandithavalam. The inspection has done based on the complaints of Pilgrims.  The first raid was conducted at 7.30 pm on Friday at Shree Shasta hotel, run by a Kollam native. “Primary inspection found the food smelling rotten. It will be sent to the government lab in the capital for detailed inspection. The shop is temporarily shut down,” the official said.

Soon after the first raid, the officials got complaints about the food from  another hotel, ‘Sannidhanam’, raided it and issued them a strict warning. “The Annadanam given by the Devaswom Board meets only 10% of the total demand. We are left with no choice other than to eat from the restaurants, which are giving us below-par food, otherwise we have to go hungry for nearly 10 hours. We feel sorry for the children who are starving till they reach Pampa,” one of the pilgrims said.

It is reported that the shortage of low priced and good quality food at Sabarimala has become short, despite of the heavy rush witnessed in Sabarimala Sannidhanam.




  • Swamy Saranam,
    But i have also noticed so much of food distributed free been wasted by greedy dovotees. You piles of rice lying all over . While the needy go hungry, the greedy waste food with no concern for others despite standing on the holy Sabari Malai for darshan!

  • Thanks for your kind information..keep giving us the updates and do the needful.

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