Swachh Pampa

 Swachh Pampa

The Sabarimala Ayyappaseva Samajam and Kshetra Samrakshana Samithi are jointly launching a project called ‘Swacch Pampa Project’ for cleaning Pampa river and making Sabarimala a plastic free zone. According to Samajam general secretary Swamy Ayyappadas, signatures of one crore individuals will be collected, along with an amount of Rs 2 from each person which will be handed over to the Prime Minister as the initial fund for the project.

According to the records, around 4.40 crores of pilgrims arrived in Sabarimala in over 23 lakhs vehicles during the 67 days of the pilgrimage season. Each pilgrim who spend 12-24 hours at Pampa and sannidhanam, deposits an average of 50g of waste and this includes 20g of organic waste and 30g of synthetic waste. According to statistics, around 2,200 ton waste is generated during 67 days, which is the major case of the river pollution. The custom of abandoning clothes by pilgrims is also causing pollution in Pampa.


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