Vazhinada Saranam

Vazhinada Saranam  is the set of rhyme sung by Ayyappa devotees while trekking to Sabarimala. Ayyappa  Saranams will help you to climb the mountains tirelessly. The first Ayyappa says the first verse (example: Swamiye). All the other Ayyappas respond with (Ayyappo).

Swamiye —– Ayyappo
Ayyappo —– Swamiye

Swami Saranam —– Ayyappaa Saranam
Ayyappaa Saranam —– Swami Saranam

Devane —– Deviye
Deviye —– Devane

Bagavaane —– Bagavathiye
Bagavathiye —– Bagavaane

Easwarane —– Easwariye
Easwariye —– Easwarane

Sankarane —– Sankariye
Sankariye —– Sankarane

swami saranam —– ayappan saranam
ayappan saranam —– swami saranam

Devan Saranam —– Devi Saranam
Devi Saranam —– Devan Saranam

Eswaran Saranam —– Eswari Saranam
Eswari Saranam —– Eswaran Saranam

Bagawan Saranam —– Bagawati Saranam
Bagawati Saranam —– Bagawan Saranam

Sankaran Saranam —– Sankari Saranam
Sankari Saraman —– Sankaran Saranam

Pallikattu —– Sabarimalaikku
Sabarimalaikku —– Pallikattu

Kallum Mullum Kaalukku Methai
Kaalukku Methai Kallum Mullum

Kundum Kuzhiyum —– Kannukku Velicham
Kannukku Velicham —– Kundum Kuzhiyum

Irumudikattu —– Sabarimalaikku
Sabarimalaikku —– Irumudikattu

Kattum Kattu —– Sabarimalaikku
Sabarimalaikku —– Kattum Kattu

Yaarai Kaana —– Swamiyai Kaana
Swamiyai Kandaal —– Moksham Kittum
Eppo Kittum —– Ippo Kittum

Deha Balam Thaa —– Pada Balam Thaa
Pada Balam Thaa —– Dega Balam Thaa

Aatma Balam Thaa —– Mano Balam Thaa
Mano Balam Thaa —– Aatma Balam Thaa

Aethi Vidappa —– Thooki Vidappa
Thooki Vidappa —– Aethi Vidappa
Mano Balam Thaa —– Aatma Balam Thaa

Ney Abhisekham —– Swamikke
Swamikke —– Ney Abhisekham

Karpoora Deepam —– Swamikke
Swamikke —– Karpoora Deepam

Paneer Abhisekham —– Swamikke
Swamikke —– Paneer Abhisekham

Avalum Malarum —– Swamikke
Swamikke —– Avalum Malarum

Swami Paadham —– Ayyappan Paadham
Ayyappan Paadham —– Swami Paadham

Devan Paadham —– Devi Paadham
Devi Paadham —– Devan Padham

Easwaran Paadham —– Easwari Paadham
Easwari Padham —– Easwaran Paadham

Villali Veerane —– Veera Manikandane
Veera Manikandane —– Villali Veerane

Bhooloka Naathane —– Bhoomi Prabhanjane
Bhoomi Prabhanjane —– Bhooloka Naathane

Sadguru Naatha —– Ayyappa
Guruvin Guruva —– Ayyappa
Kaliyuga Varada —– Ayyappa
Kaanana Vaasa —– Ayyappa
Kann Kanda Deivame —– Ayyappa

Swami Thintakka Thom Thom —– Ayyappa Thintakka Thom Thom
Ayyappa Thintakka Thom Thom —– Swami Thintakka Thom Thom

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