Hindu Aikya Vedi against e-queue system

The Hindu Aikya Vedi is up in arms against the e-queue booking system for Sabarimala darsan, saying it generates inequality.

Kummanam Rajasekharan, the Hindu Aikya Vedi State general secretary  said while the elite middleclass with Internet access could enjoy the facility, 99 per cent of devotees – who mostly belong to the economically backward class from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and other states – have to stand in queue for as much as 15 hours for darsan.

“By introducing a new queue system for a particular group of devotees, equality among Ayyappa devotees has been dented. About 99 per cent of the devotees come from villages and do not have access to computer or Internet. Any new system or service should cater to the maximum number of people,” he said.

There were also practical difficulties, he added. “Most of the special trains run late by many hours. It will be difficult for a devotee, registered online, to reach the shrine on the allotted time. Authorities claim the facility has been introduced to control the crowd. But, what is needed in Sabarimala is not ‘crowd control’, but crowd management. Devotees should be allowed to spend more time at the hill to peacefully pray to Lord Ayyappa,” added  Rajasekharan.  He also said the state government had failed to arrange bare minimum facilities like drinking water, shelter during rain, quality food, etc. Devotees find it difficult to get adequate information and assistance. “More than 100 people were killed in last year’s stampede due to poor crowd management, but the authorities are yet to learn from the tragedy,” he said.



  • which times of sabrimala dharsan in quee booking

  • Hi vikram, I agree with u. Just try finding out one answer. Will online queue planning will be allocated to people who need the most??? Will old malikapurams, very young manikandans, malikarurams, diffrently abled ayyapas are going to benifit? do they know what queue is if they are from a village? this is the first time we are following a queue. lets wait and c its response. but what i ment was, we would be happy to stand for him and wait for his dharshan and very young / old age people take his dharshan soon with this system. swamy sharanam.

  • pl

  • Swamy saranam ayyappa, The online Q coupon system very helpfull for the deveties who are coming from 50km trek route, because they are walking more than 12 hours to pampa and then they take more than 6hours to reach sannithanam. So the kerala police arrange this for the devoties who are using 50km trek route.

  • I am supporting online Q system. It is actually not Q booking but Q planning.
    By this, the rush will be equally divided.
    Dont beleive that if we stand long time in Q, he will be happy.
    He will be happy if we suffer for others who needs help , not for GOD. He is above us all and want to see us helping others.

  • Swamy Sharanam! am also an elite middle class, and of-course with net and pc only am typing this comment. I agree with that vedi sangam. they are correct. Whenever he calls us, we would get his dharshan. it is he who fixes the time. not humans for his dharshan. if you are fully taking vritham starting from vrichikam 1, what matters you than standing in queue and waiting for the dharshan??? each and every ayyapa devotee has to realize that no other work is soo important than dharshan and it is our privilege to spend some time in hill, stand in queue, wait for our turn, and dedicate our mun-mumudi. what are we going to do after dharshan soo faast??? I’m sorry if i offend anyone. observe vritham properly, u can stand for 48 hours continually! Swamy sharanam… even i want to stand for long time and get his dharshan… i agree that iam also allergic towards queue, but we should develop a positive attitude towards crowd so that stampedes don’t happen again. Swamy sharanam.

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