Temple opening for Makaravilakku 2012

Sabarimala Temple  will be opened on 30th December 5.30  evening for Makaravilakku Festival.

Temple will be  kept open till January 20th 7 am. However darsan will be possible only till 19th January 2012.  Neyyabhishekham will continue till 18th of January.

Makaravilakku will be held on 14th of January.



  • Hi,
    The makara vilakku flashes are about QUANTUM ENTRAINMENT and “pure awareness “ to activate the autonomous nervous system.
    Capt ajit vadakayil

  • Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa , First time I have taken deeksha this Year , I am feeling very Great , Lots of good Changes is happening in my life . Finally all the credit goes to AYYAPPA . SWAMIYEE SHARANAM AYYAPPA…

  • swamiye saranam ayyappa…….en valkeyil un namame tunai…….en uyirum niye……ipiravil un bagtanage pirakka nan enna thavam pannenoo………….adutha piravilum un bagtanage pirake oru varam taruvayooo……

  • Every year when you make a pilgrimage to Sabari Mala joining millions all over the world, it is a truly HIS miracle than we return home safely after traveling thousands of kilometres. No proper food, shelter, medical care, flying over oceans, walking across dense jungles owned by wild animals, crossing rivers, climbing steep mountains, getting drenched, get caught in stampede , hardly able to breathe and not forgetting losing a few kilos.
    It is indeed Sri Dharma Saastha who protects you like a mother & father and guides like a guru during this memorable pilgrimage.

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