Manarkadu Sangham offered Panakkizhi

The Panakkizhi (money wrapped in cloth) was offered to Lord Ayyappa by Manarkadu SangamĀ  in a blue velvet cloth, thus continuing the age old tradition without any hindrance all these years.

It is considered as an age old tradition practiced in Sabarimala. It is beleieved that it was the ancestors of the Manarakadu sangham had helped santhi and other priests to show the way by cutting the forest to Sabarimala. Time has changed a lot and every year the team will set out to Sabarimala on Dhanu 1 and will reach Pampa on the second day. After having a sumptuous feat they will ascend the holy hills and will pay their respect to Lord Ayyappa and the Panankizhi on 3rd dhanu monday.
The blue cloth is put in front of the temple before they sets out to Sabarimala and in this cloth the twenty eight half kara (regions) will deposit money and the team will set out with this money. The team consisted of members ageing 4 to 71 and after paying their respect the team descended the holy hills by Monday evening.


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