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  • pray to swamiya saranam ayappa

  • Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa, Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa, Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa

    Sure Ayyappa will fulfill your all needs and mop the all family problems soon, Always Be positive in life., marriage is not only the solution for life, its a part of life don’t worry you will get married soon. Keep some other goals in life like to help the poor and needy, to do some social activities like plastic usage control, food wastage contol, distributing books/uniforms for poor students at govt. schools etc..these are gives us more happy than in family life, but I am not oppsing the family life, I am a married man., with good family life , it is one part of our life.,
    I have good enough experince in my personal life, Sure belive the GOD, Ayyappa always fulfill the needs of the devotees. from last 7 years I am visitng Ayyappa, I am sure some extreme power is there on that Pumba Hills.
    And finally request to all the devotees in future please don’t use the name of Caste, Religion etc… all the economically poor people must get the reservation for getting the seats for education or jobs. Then only OUR INDIA will develop.


  • Mayury , If you would like to talk about God and your prayers, do email me back. I hope God bless you with your life.

  • Ayyapa Swami,

    Since I am a a young unmarried woman, I can’t climb the Sabarimala. I can ony pray from my heart and pray from the temple. I hope you listen to my prayers. Ayyapa Swami my marriage has not been working out. Due to this, I have been through a lot of humiliation and insults and I feel there is no one to speak for me.

    I don’t know if I am getting punished since in the past I was refusing marriage proposals. Back then, so much things was running through my head. I wanted to finish my studies and mostly I wanted someone who really cares for me and love me. Now that I finally got a permanent job and is settling in, I feel as I am unlucky. I am not as attractive looking to begin with and things are not working out. I had so much problems in the family. Especially with my own father and relatives that I was being too careful with marriage I guess.

    My choices have not worked out, at least through arranged marriage from someone I want it to work out. I don’t want to live a lonely life for the rest of my life and plus me being alone it is giving other people an excuse to speak badly of me. I just want a respectable life and live respectable in front of the people who hurt me. If I have sinned with or without my knowledge please forgive me and open your heart for me. I am posting this prayer in hope someone will pray for me along with me.

  • swamiyay saranam ayyapa….ayyapa please help me and show me the way and give me chance to get your darshan…

  • have a nice day to u

  • Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa…

    Swami Ayyappan gives everything in my life. My prayers to Ayyappa will never fail. This is my fouth year visiting sabarimala.

    Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa…
    Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa…
    Swamiye sarnam Ayyappa…

  • Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!

    20th year for me….
    every year…. awaiting see Ayyappa and expert tat date…

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  • 13 yrs it has been in the span of 18 years ……..
    visiting Sabarimala is obviously the most wonderful thing that happens every year…….

  • kaathirippinu ini oru maasam koodi

  • pray to Swammi Ayyappa. Ayyappa give you everything in life. vist sabarimala to have dharshan. Your all pain will go away. swami saranam

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