One crore ten lakh ltrs of water per day at Pampa and Sannidhanam

Kerala Water Authority is providing One crore ten lakh litres of water at Pampa and Sannidhanam daily
as part of the ongoing mandala season here. 60 lakh litres of water is supplied to Sannidhanam and 50
lakh litres of water is given to Pampa and adjacent places. Apart from this, places like Chalakkayam,
Nilakkal, Plappaly, Elavunkal, Naranamthodu, Laha and Thulappaly were served with water through of
tanker lorries.
The water collected above Triveni from Pampa River is filtered at pressure filter treatment plant near Pump
house and is refined with the gas chlorinator and electro chlorinator and is supplied to all parts of Sabarimala.
This process of filtering of water would make sure that the water supplied is free from germs and other
kind of malice.
The water supplied were used for various needs of the government and semi-governmental offices, hotels,
Devaswom board offices, Police barracks and Annadanam counters at Sabarimala.
The 220 taps fitted at places like Cheriyanavattam,Valianavattam, Pampa manappuram, KSRTC stand,
Chelikkuzhy, Neelimala, Appachimedu, Sabaripeedam, Marakkoottam, Saramkuthy, Chandranandan road
and Swami Ayyappan road will also provide sufficient drinking water to the devotees.
The refined water from Pamapa is taken to Saramkuthy water tank with the help of 250 mm cast iron pipe
and from this main reservoir the water will be taken to Pandithavalam, Sannidhanam and Malikappuram
water tanks according to the needs.
In Sannidhanam, Saramkuthy and Pandithavalam the water authority has arranged water tanks to collect
around One crore 40 lakh litres of water. Devaswom board is distributing this water to different places,
apart from this. Devaswom board has also placed a Pressure filter system to refine 20 lakh litres of water
from Kunnar and is distributed after chlorination. But, the thing is that the water level from Kunnar whenever
gets lowers, Board has to rely on the water supplied by the Water authority. The water authority is also
providing sufficient quantity of water to the board’s sewage treatment plant at Pampa in order to cool the
plant round the clock.
The water authority at Nilakkal is also provided with around 5 lakh litres of water daily from the three bore
wells. There is also a water testing laboratory installed at Pampa in order to check the quality of water
supplied, Water Authority is continuously forwarding the report of test result to the District Collector and
Government daily.