Print Q-Coupon

Many devotees are emailing us enquiring about how to print the Queue Coupon.

Below is a sample of the  coupon you will receive upon  finishing the Q-Booking. You can download the coupons immediately after uploading your details or you can download it later any time. It is mandatory to bring this coupon to Sabarimala.

How to print Q-coupon:

When you submit all the details, system will prepare the coupon and a button for printing the coupon. You can also download the coupon to print it in future.

If you have logged in while creating the coupon, system will mail the coupon in pdf format and you can print the coupon from the group booking page.

Print it if you have a printer attached OR take the pdf  to any DTP Center or to your office.

Once again, it is mandatory to bring the printed coupon along with the identity proof mentioned during the booking.

If  you have not made your booking yet, click here to proceed. read carefully the instructions before you proceed.


Happy pilgrimage.




  • hello sir,

    kindly reply, when the e-booking will open for december 2 nd week 2012.
    Thanking you.

  • good comment plese frend how to apply q darsan

  • Swamy saranam ayyappa

  • Pls inform online darshanam, swamy saranm ayyappa

  • Nadapathai kodon theyai illai ,,,,,,, nerisalai erpatothum,,,,,
    Devasthanam nadavadikai etokka ventom
    Tiruvannamalai Ayyappa Paktharkal

  • need Pass for Darsanam on 16th morning for my self & my daughter

    Tharun Surendran

  • dharsanam

  • Your booking seems to be incomplete. Please try again. Make sure to reduce the size of the photo below 30k. Swami Saranam

  • swamiay sharanam ayyappa swami shranam swami shranam.i need quive reservation ticket

  • hi

  • ayyappan darisanam 6/01/2012

  • i want sabarimalai q-coupen

  • thre samy

  • Respected sir,
    We are planning to start our pilgrim on 29th January from Erode and reach bamba on 30th evening, 22 persons in our team.
    in case the option is open for E-booking we want to opt for the same kindly provide us. pls reply me sir….

    swamiye saranam Aiyappa……..

    Thanking you

  • without q -ticket what will be the probelm?

  • Swaamiyee Saranam Iyyappa,

    We are coming from tamil nadu (55 Members) 07-01-2012 in bamba,

    Now i try to q book calender is showing no booking at the date.

    When i book the q -coupon kindly lwt me know…


    Swamyee Saranam Iyyappa

  • sir i need 6 persons coupon

  • we are total 3 members, One has 60 years old Woman ,2 men we are trying to book the ticket since last 05 or 06 days but we cant able to book ,we are coming Sabarimala on 6 Jan 2012 , I am trying to book online but it is coming booking closed, Please help us in getting this Dharsan peacefully. Kindly provide the coupons for us.

  • i lost my registration number….. how can i print my queue ticket???? plz help…

  • i want darshanam coupan swamy shranam


  • Swami Saranam, I am in need of Q booking id Please issue as early as possible. i am coming from Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Please i request you for Q Coupen.

  • bokging

  • my mob no:9019344875 karnataka

  • 123

  • SIR i request swami ayyapa darshan please gime q coupon.

    my contact no
    i m tamilnadu

  • giveme q coupens

  • i am likeing ayyappa songs

  • ayyappa is head of the gods samiye saranam ayyappa

  • 9886106597

  • i have booked q booking on 4th jan, will they allow me on 5th jan with the same coupan

  • I have booked q booking on 4th jan, will they allow me on 5th with the same coupan

    samiye saranam ayappa

  • How to sabarimala darsahan tikets booking……..

  • we two persons by name kalyan and ramachandran need accomodation on 31-12-2011 at sabarimala sannidhanam.please guide/arrange the same.Thanks

  • we two persons by name kalyan and ramachandran needs a q coupons on 31-12-2011.please guide us or provide us the coupons thanks

  • 13.12.2011

  • I am manirathinam 13.12.2011

  • 30 member want to book for que.

  • qbooking

  • Swamy saranam ayyappa,
    Sir, there are two option one for booking and another for print Q coupon. If you go the second option and enter your register no and take print out.

  • om shanti swami saranam

  • please registrad at 19.12.2011

  • pls inform me to do the booking online

  • if you have finished the booking, you cant.

  • dear pandian i have recevied registration number but i don’t know how to enter our names and uplaod the scaned photos could you please help us



  • q booking

  • om om

  • Dear sir pls check 20.12.2011 Morning 8AM Online Darshan Booking Electro ID Card No WUF0051615, Age 24, But Coupon Number is Missing, Pls inform the Coupon number

  • The on line booking page is not loading. How can I book now.

  • this is an very good thought of kerala police , i thank ful to kerala police

  • swami saranam

  • quick darshan

  • quicken darshan

  • for early swami dharshan

  • How to make queue booking , please inform me as soon as possible .

    Swamiye saranam Iyyappa ,

    reply please ,

    Ramesh .S

  • how to booking darsan by on-line
    I am in need of Q booking id Please issue as early as possible.

    i was book the q ticket but unfortunately i loss my coupon number, so now i don’t know how to print my ticket.please advice me..

  • i want to sabrimalaiqticket


  • hi

  • Dear sir,
    pls regester my q entry pass for me and my faher on 06 th jan 2012 in sabarimalai swammy ayaapan temple give me a regestier no to go on q entry pass

  • god is great ayyappan is great

    DATE .
    TIME : EVENING 6.00 PM

  • gud morning sir,
    we already booked shabarimal Q coupon but print is not recieved. suggest as how to take a print. Booking q coupon no’ s follows as 1) EGOP 988 2)EU5843 3)EHO3536 4) EH2J393. as soon as possible.

  • nadakatha parupaapdi…..
    Q ninnu kayarunnavan kayariyal mathi,,,,,,

  • I want’s to know how to book , and get register number………………….. please tell me.

  • how to get register number, i want to Q-copen please give me instructions

  • dharsan ticket was booked , my reg no is eqcu178 but i have not received coupon printed copy

  • ticket booked , my reg no is eqcu178, but i have not received coupon printed copy

  • i want coupen in tharisanam

  • how to booking q cupon booking for snt details

  • Swami saranam . . I have planned my yatra on 15 Dec
    I will be reaching Chengganur by 16 morning 5 am please advice me what time should I book e ticket for dharshan. .

  • for queue booking

  • how to booking by dharsanam swami saranam

  • swamy saramanam pls arrange tickets for me on the middles dates o f 2/01/2012 to 5/01/2012
    hari kiran
    swamy ayyappa baktagalu andhra pradesh

  • Door no:43 railway border road chennai-600 015 saidapet (Z)
    south chennai


  • SWAMY SARANAM AYYAPPA, You go to the sabarimal kerala police web site and book for Qcoupon .

  • sir 25.12.11 evena darisanam pakanum sir on line booking web site sollunga

  • swamy saranam ayyappa, Please read the user manual care fully and follow that, you can book easily.

  • SWAMI SARANAM AYYAPPA, You can choose bulk booking in the
    Q-COUPON booking. You store the 10 persons photo in the pc and browse the photo while booking, is the way to easy booking.

  • Sir,
    I want to 15/12/2011 evening 6pm dharisanam

  • swami sharanam ….,swami it is very easy to q-booking ….., it
    is a free coupan ….

  • Good to hear… Swami Saranam

  • Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa

    This was really Execellent Ticket Which Reduce many Time and Tired Of Swamies . Please Use It All Swamies.

    any Doubt Please Call

  • I am in need of Q booking id Please issue as early as possible.

  • Please scan your photo and Id to get your FREE Q-COUPON

  • This q coupon works very good, its highly appreciable.It saved our 2-3 hrs in standing the Q. Had good darshan with this Q coupon


  • Swamiye Saranam AYYAPPA

  • happy ayyappa dharsan

  • free q coupen thanks Swami
    Swanu Saranam

  • free q coupen thanks Swami
    Swami Saranam

  • free q coupen thanks swami

    Swami Saranam

  • free q coupen thanks swami
    swami saranam

  • samye saranam ayyapa ,please to be informed that we are ayapa samy,s from malaysia want to visit sabarimalai on 24 dec 2011 .Total 10 person will be there,i need more information about Q-coupon.Is that one person one coupon or 10 person can apply together.One more things how to paste photo and get the coupon number thanks sami saranam

  • hai.i need the steps to get the coupon .pls contact number is 9176279821 pls help.i need 8 tickets.i cant able to add the members

  • how to booking darsan by on-line

  • very nice idea , good to charge a small fees

  • i need my group sabarimala dharisanam online booking web site

  • free q coupen

  • swami

  • Better you charge some 10 or 20 rupees for this or else fake registration may occur…..

  • Your booking seems to be incomplete. Please try again. Make sure to reduce the size of the photo below 30k. Swami Saranam

  • After completing the details, I got the following message, which was in red color. But didn’t have any mention about the error. Please advice how to proceed?

    There was an error.

    Your Registration Number 905A948

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