Revenue crossed 40 crores

The total revenue collected from the Sabarimala crossed Rs. 40 crores. This was the total earnings from the first 20 days of the season. In 2009, at the same time it was around Rs. 37 crores as per the reports from the hill-shrine.

The revenue collected from the ‘Aravana Payasam’ itself crossed Rs.16.54 crore so far, for ‘Appam’ it is 3.19 crores. The earnings, from the offerings of the pilgrims reached Rs. 15.30 crores. This is remarkable since a tin of ‘Aravana Payasam’ costs around Rs. 50 and ‘Appam’ just around Rs. 20 per packet.

 In 2009 the total revenue collected from Sabarimala, during the ‘Mandalam’ festival season was around 82 crores. This year pilgrim season started on 17 November.