Temple witnessed heavy rush of pilgrims

On the second day after the hill shrine was opened, Sabarimala temple  witnessed a heavy rush of pilgrims on Friday. The  two month long pilgrim season started on 17th Thursday.

It is said that devotees had to wait six to seven hours for the darsan of Lord Ayyappa as the queue to ‘Sannidhanam’ reached up to ‘Marakkoottam’ by this evening. Owing to heavy rush, security personnel’s had to block the way of pilgrims at Pampa at regular intervals. As per statistics, around 16 to 20 thousand pilgrims stay back at the temporary shelters at Sannidanam every day.

The temple will be open from 3 am to 11.45 pm, barring a two hour break from 1 pm to 3 pm  to ease down the heavy rush. During previous years, the darsan timings was from 4 am to 11 pm with a two and a half hour break in between 1. 30 pm to 4 pm.

Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) authorities said that enough quantity of ‘prasadam’ (offerings) was available for distribution and ‘abhishekam’ timings has been extended up to 11. 30 pm.




  • Swamy Saranam, Swamy Saranam, Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa, I don’t like this E-Q System, because, lot of ayyappa devotees are not from educational background, mostly serious devotees are from village/suburbs, so they will be in trouble with this booking, devaswom should look into other solutions to manage the Heavy Rush, rather than coming up online darshan, they can take Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam’s Help in this regard will be very helpfull, if they don’t feel any ego, ultimately we are Hindus and Indians as a Whole, so we can take help from any one, Sabarimala Yatra is the Only Recognized/Realized Vratham for Batchelors and disciplined vratham in any other country/religion, so we dont’ mind standing in the Q for hours together, because, We start from Long distances to travel to Sabarimalai, Inbetween we may change our plan to go to other temples like Kanipakam(Vinayaka Temple) Palani if possible, so we cannot reach if there is any timebound for Lord Ayyappan Darshan, We have to carry our irumudi and we can’t carry our Important ID cards etc., in the Heavy Crowd, so this is not a Practical Solution as such, You can make arrangements from pamba or even earliest place from pamba and anyway it will take time to climb the 18 steps that is what the main purpose of Irumudi, so time will take for the darshan, and only facilities needs to be improved for disabled/challenged to arrange seats beside the Q/Line, water, Medical etc., and Shelters these things needs to be addressed, rather than EQ Darshan…. LOrd Ayyappa can hear my Prays but Kerala Police should hear will be appreciable..Thanks to Ayyappa for giving all the devotees an opportunity to Take the Initiation of Ayyappa Mala,,, Swamy Saranam Swamy Saranam Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

  • Swamy Sharanam! am also an elite middle class, and of-course with net and pc only am typing this comment. I am against Queue system. Whenever he calls us, we would get his dharshan. it is he who fixes the time. not humans for his dharshan. if you are fully taking vritham starting from vrichikam 1, what matters you than standing in queue and waiting for the dharshan??? each and every ayyapa devotee has to realize that no other work is soo important than dharshan and it is our privilege to spend some time in hill, stand in queue, wait for our turn, and dedicate our mun-mumudi. what are we going to do after dharshan soo faast??? I’m sorry if i offend anyone. observe vritham properly, u can stand for 48 hours continually! Swamy sharanam… even i dont want to stand for long time and get his dharshan… i agree that iam also allergic towards queue, but we should develop a positive attitude towards crowd so that stampedes don’t happen again. from the queue line, small manikandaas and all malikaipurams may be allowed. experienced swamies, pls share your comments. Swamy sharanam. it dosnt mean since u have internet with a pc, u get dharshan soon…

  • Female devotees and children may be allowed with one escort through the passage of Chandrayanam instead of flyover to reach nadapanthal

  • Please use this site: http://www.sabarimala.keralapolice.gov.in.

    You can also download a pdf usermanual from google.(search e-coupon in sabarimala)..

    Swami Saranam

  • must be also required a special treatment for dissabled or challenged swamys coming to sabarimala & also childrens below age 5 pls arrange a special notice

  • now good plan,then continue or__________?

  • Sabarimalai is very powerful , Beachelor lord in hindhu religion

  • nice system

  • dear senjil, If everyone not come in the stipulated time, what is the meaning of doing all these . to ease the crowd, every one should be there in time allotted /booked by them.

  • Q-coupon is a Nice Sysytem

    Weather it is mandatory to be there on the booked time as in Q-Coupon or
    we will be allowed if any late has happened

  • how to book this pls explain i cant do that ………. any one help swami

  • Nice Systems for kerala police its very use full the people

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