The DON’TS at Sabarimala

Pilgrims are not allowed to enter the ‘pathinettam padi’ without the ‘irumudi-kettu’.

Do not pollute the River Pampa by throwing food leftovers and clothes.

Maintain personal hygiene. Use only public toilets. Do not commit nuisance.

Do not use toilet soap and oil at the temple pond (Bhasma Kulam).

Avoid ‘shayana-pradakshinam’ during rush hours.

Undertake no such activity that will affect the ecological balance of the area.

Smoking and chewing of tobacco are prohibitted. Avoid using them.

Sabarimala is plastic-free. Using plastic products and carelessly abandoning them after use is strictly prohibited. Better do not carry them.

Those who attempt to cook should put off the fire before leaving.

Do not break the coconut at ‘Pathinettampadi’. Use the space allocated for that.

Do not create havoc while negotiating the ‘pathinettampadi’ and during ‘darshan’.

Please deposit all the ‘sara-kkols’ into the ‘saram-kuthy’.

Women falling in the age group of 10 to 50 should not undertake the pilgrimage.

Young women are also not allowed entry into Pampa on the day of Arattu.